About Internship Program

The Public Health Internship Program is designed to offer college students (both graduate and undergraduate) an opportunity to gain hands-on experience, skills and knowledge.

Through partnerships with educational institutions, our programs and staff aim to expose you to the training, mentoring and networking opportunities you need to facilitate your transition from school to employment.

Applications are received and matched with specific internship opportunities. Public Health programs offer many benefits:

  • Promotes better ties with academic community as well as an opportunity to create a "real world" working environment.
  • Expands network opportunities and exposure to other health professionals.
  • Provides programs with opportunities to screen for future employees.
  • Enhances individual performance and provides valuable job skills.
  • Students complete valuable work products and introduce new ideas.

Informational links:

All interns must call the Department of Public Health - Community Outreach office to confirm internship program availability: 951-358-5031.

Interested in being a Volunteer/Intern?

Download, print and complete the Volunteer Application Form. Then submit to:


4065 County Circle Dr.
Suite 205
Riverside, CA 92503

Phone: (951) 358-5031
Fax: (951) 358-4457

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